Channel Islands: Guernsey to go smoke-free

With effect from 1st October 2016 smoking in all social, care and educational facilities will have a complete ban throughout Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

At present all government owned buildings in the state of Guernsey have designated smoking areas and shelters. However, with the new legislation these are to be removed in a campaign to promote a healthier life style to choice to both workers and visitors to these sites.

Patients visiting doctors or staying in hospitals are to be given support from the Quitline Stop Smoking Service.

It is a known fact that smoking is bad for your health and can cause throat, mouth, lung, stomach and kidney cancer as well as having effects on your heart and circulation which can lead to a stroke. The negative effects from smoking extend to impaired taste and smell senses, unsightly staining to teeth and fingers and affect fertility. Children of parents who smoke tend to be more susceptible to breathing problems such as asthma. (

Medical Officer of Health; Stephen Bridgman has made known that these changes are going to cause some disturbance to both patients, visitors and staff who work at these facilities which is the reasoning behind why the warning of the change has been issued a while before the date of change. However, he also stated that “It shows our commitment to the health and wellbeing of the people who visit and use our premises.”

Timeline of smoking legislations in Guernsey:

2006 – Guernsey became the first place in the British Isles to introduce a smoking ban for enclosed public spaces

2010 – Alderney bans smoking in public places

2011 – Smoking banned at Guernsey’s hospitals, except in existing smoking shelters

2011 – Prison visitors are banned from smoking inside the building

2012 – Graphic picture warnings have to be shown on tobacco products

2013 – Guernsey Prison goes smoke-free

2015 – Ban on tobacco vending machines and the display of tobacco for sale

2016 – Ban on smoking in health, social care and educational facilities


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