Low Cost Health Insurance for the Self-Employed and Budding Entrepreneur

The trend for being self-employed has become an established feature of the UK labour market; data produced by The Bank of England in 2015 suggested that around 15% of the UK workforce was self-employed and continues to increase.


Being self-employed technically includes anyone who is their own boss whether part-time, full-time or temporary and covers a broad spectrum of occupations, budding enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Considemulitaskingring the various options of your personal insurance needs at any time is vitally important but none more so at a time when you decide that becoming a sole trader or self-employed enterprise is the route you want to take. You may have previously enjoyed the perks of a company employee benefits package including a health insurance scheme and now the opportunity of following a passion, enjoying your dream job, or starting your own business the thought of losing those health and protection benefits can be a hurdle and leave you cold.

In the excitement of becoming your own boss, you’ll need to think about what will happen if you can’t work because of illness or an injury. Now that you are working for yourself you won’t be entitled to sick pay although you may still qualify for state benefits. There are a number of insurances that should be considered when going ‘solo’ that will take care of your health or pay out a cash sum when it matters. Your first priority however should be to seek professional advice and speak to an independent broker such as BDHL http://www.bdhl.co.uk/contact-us/. Getting the correct personal advice and guidance in choosing a plan or range of products is essential. The premiums and benefits for health and sickness type insurances will vary hugely on product type and are also dependant on your age, occupation, location and pre-existing conditions. The product you opt for should meet your needs regardless of whether you are keen to keep premiums to an absolute bare minimum or prefer and all sing, all dancing, bells & whistles approach.

At BDHL we can guide you every step of the way, we will do the hard work for you, keeping things hassle free and straight forward.

In getting prepared for this new chapter in your life you should consider Private Medical Insurance (PMI), also known as Health Insurance. The benefits of having a PMI policy in place include greater flexibility and choices to manage any necessary medical treatments required by you or your family within a budget that suits. Private Cash Plans are a great low cost benefit that pays a cash lump sum towards the charges associated with broad spectrum everyday health expenses and treatments we all have to manage from time to time. Receiving reimbursements for check-ups with your Dentist or Optician sounds too good to be true, fantastic and affordable! Another consideration would be a Low Cost Accident Protection Insurance policy, this is designed to give you financial support by providing a tax-free cash lump sum to help replace lost earning should you have to take time off work due to illness or injury. Take a look at our private clients page for more information http://www.bdhl.co.uk/private-clients/or get in touch and speak to a member of the team on +44 (0)1892 891 900.