Attract employees though total employee benefits

Offering a total employee benefits package can have an immediate positive impact on a business. 73% of businesses are now utilising their employee benefit schemes to ensure that they attract the best and most talented individuals and retain them. This is an increase of over 10% of companies compared with results in 2015. These figures prove the importance of offering employees more than just a salary.

Employees want a salary that fits their job role but equally attracted by the benefits provided by a potential employer.

Offering employees private medical insurance, dental insurance or group risk can make them feel more valued and valuable which will naturally increase positivity and increased productivity; all of which is good for any business.

Taking care of your staff with additional benefits such as risk and medical insurance also takes care of your business. In the unfortunate event that an employee requires a long term period of absences due to a serious illness differing levels of cover will offer the financial resource to put in place a temporary member of staff to cover the absence of the sick employee, the unwell employee will receive a level of sick pay whilst receiving the best care in order for them to return to work as soon as possible.

Having a complete employee benefits package can also ensure that your businesses stays competitive. Controlling costs and managing a low employee turnover will reduce the costs involved in recruitment, training and development.b

Social media continues to influence people of all ages. Articles that relate to mental health in the workplace have reached epic proportions and as a result are now high on every employers agenda when it comes to taking care of employees. Workplace stress and anxiety has more than doubled in the last ten years with an increase of 53% of workers receiving mental health treatment, this is costing businesses £28 billion per year due to a loss in productivity, sickness absence and presenteeism.

An employer should ensure their employees have a balanced work life level and are not over stretched whilst at work. Line managers need formal training on how to recognize and manage mental health in the workplace as well as physical wellbeing, an EAP (employee assisted programmes) can assist with this.

At BDHL we take the hassle out of starting up and managing a policy for you and your employees. We offer a professional and knowledgeable service. Our team actively monitors the healthcare marketplace to offer businesses like yours bespoke packages.

We have exceptionally good relationships with the leading UK providers and the best International Insurance providers and can offer the most comprehensive and competitive health care cover possible.

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