Deskercise – simple steps to staying supple and focused at work

For many employees sitting at a desk for up to 8 hours per day can cause tension on the body. This can lead to issues such as musculoskeletal disorder.

Simple daily exercises and stretches can help relieve any tension, as well as allowing the employee to regain focus and engagement in their work.

‘Deskercise’ will also help to reduce strains on the eyes from the usage of computers as well as bringing an element of ‘fun’ into the office which can overcome employee stress and help increase employee motivation and ultimately increase productivity.

  • Head tilt – keeping your shoulders square gently tilt your head so that your left ear touches your left shoulder and your right ear touches your right shoulder
  • Shoulders – roll the shoulders in a circular motion forward and backwards. Followed by some shoulder shrugs
  • Wrists and hands – stretch your arms out in front of the body and gently pull the fingers back
  • Back – put both arms in front of the body and push forward to round the back
  • Alternatively put both arms behind the body and push the chest forward
  • Arms – circulate each arm individually
  • Stretch both arms up above the head
  • Whilst sitting under the desk, keep the legs straight and then raise them in line with the waist using the core
  • Turn left to right whilst sitting at your desk to loosen the lower back
  • Whilst sitting carry out glute clenches
  • Point your toes to stretch the ankles and feet
  • Whenever possible stand and walk about the office for example when talking on a portable telephone
  • Carry out leg swings whilst standing; forward and backwards as well as side to side
  • Carry out lunges whilst standing at your desk
  • Squat to a chair
  • Kick your heels to your glutes
  • Whilst standing lean forward onto the back of your chair and lift one leg behind and then draw circles with your raised leg.

Other ideas for bringing exercises into the office can be to use a water bottle as a dumbbell or sitting on a balance ball instead of a chair.

Other ways to increase circulation and lead to a healthier lifestyle whilst working is to park further away from the office and walk or use the stairs instead of the lift. Some businesses offer cycle to work schemes as part of an employee benefits package.

With a Group Private Medical Insurance points can be collected for the amount of exercises that can be involved during the day – these can then be exchanged for tickets for family days out for example the Cinema.

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