Would your employees use an Employee Assistance Programme?

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) focus on helping employees deal with person problems that potentially have an adverse effect on their ability to work.

An EAP is made up of three parts. Firstly, an assessment of the employee – this is then followed by counselling in the short terms and then a referral service to aid the affected employee and their immediate family.

EAP’s can be a standalone employee benefit or they can come as part of medical insurance or a cash plan. It is vital to ensure that all employees are aware of their EAP and the options that the face during a difficult time either at work or at home.

New research shows that over half of all works in the UK would benefit from having access to an employee assistance programme. 55% of employees also stated that they value and utilise their current employee benefits which is an increase of 15% from just two years ago.

So why is it important that your company has an EAP in place? – Many employees struggle with managing a work life balance, their mental health and overall wellbeing. These issues can cause a drop-in productivity while at work therefore directly impacting on the company costs.

Offering an EAP will help to encourage job satisfaction and increase moral are employees will feel valued and cared and therefore be happy and healthy. They will be interested in their role within the workplace and therefore remain loyal to the company – reducing absenteeism costs and staff turnover costs by retaining trained employees.

Having an EAP in place will also help to reduce any accidents at work as employees will be able to focus on their job. Any employees struggling with mental health will be able to seek the counselling and professional service that they offer. Allowing them to manage their work load and family life.

Another important part of offering an EAP as an employee benefits is that EAP’s can provide a form of training and consultation for any managers or supervisors that are leading a team. If a manager was concerned about the personal welfare of any employee, then the manager would be able to discuss the situation with a councillor who will advise then adviser them on how to manage the situation going forward.

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