Exercise essential for health whilst at work

Sally Gunnell is the 1992 Barcelona, 400m hurdle, Olympic Gold Medallist. She is now urging businesses to include exercise as part of their employee wellbeing strategy for 2017.

In order to be able to operate at maximum capacity the body is reliant on a balance of food, sleep and exercise. For an overall healthy, happy and successful career your body needs to be taking in the correct calories, exercising regularly factoring in rest periods and sufficient sleep.

Encouraging exercise before, during or after the working day is essential to improving employee’s productivity, focus and concentration levels. Exercise can also help improve the atmosphere in an office, increase moral and team building and decrease absenteeism from sickness.

Sally Gunnell has stated ‘People say you need an hour to do exercise, but it could be getting off the train one stop early and walking that last piece, or getting up early and walking to the shop,’

At present, only 20% of employees take part in regular exercises. However, Sally Gunnell’s mission is to increase this figure to 80% through her own corporate wellbeing programme. The programme has been set up to provide employees with the tools to ‘get started’ on a fitness programme by designating employee who currently take regular exercise as ‘champions’ to inspire the rest of the workforce.

Sally Gunnels’ healthy living programme has been designed especially for the corporate wellbeing with the outcome being increase productivity, moral, health and welfare whilst reducing absenteeism, long-term sickness and staff turnover. http://www.sallygunnell.com/corporate-programme/

The amount of exercise the body receives can directly impact on brain function. Exercise can help de-stress and clear the mind as well as often boosting energy levels. Entrepreneur Richard Branson suggests ‘Exercise keeps the brain functioning well and I can achieve twice as much in a day by keeping fit’. Minor changes to a daily routine will improve productivity ie: going for a walk whilst on a break or between meetings. http://www.brainhq.com/brain-resources/everyday-brain-fitness/physical-exercise

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