Expatriates experience better physical and mental health

Choosing to emigrate abroad can be a daunting process. However the excitement of a new adventure, potential to seek a better work life balance and the opportunity to higher pay can be the driving force behind the decision.

The rising cost of living in the UK coupled with the varied weather can also be reasons people look to emigrate. Once in a warmer, sunnier climate people can tend to feel happier and more relaxed than continuously battling the cold and wet UK winters.

Often when the weather is warmer people feel better as they enjoy spending more time outside, keeping physically fit through running or swimming as well as eating healthier foods such as salads and fruit.

A recent survey carried out by AXA PPP International has shown that 61% of expats felt that their physical health had improved since moving abroad and 64% of expatriates felt that their mental health had also enhanced since the move abroad.

Many countries promote the importance of health and wellbeing within the workplace to ensure that employees are engaged in their work and are more productive – for example, encouraging employees to attend in house daily yoga and relaxation sessions as well as promoting shorter working hours.

Statistics show that in the UK 1 in 4 full time employees suffer from a mental health related illness. Company decision makers have stated that introducing a total health and well-being programme, as an employee benefit, is a priority for 2017 – especially for international businesses.

An employer with staff placed internationally needs to be familiar with the host country’s medical system and understand what an employee requires to access emergency medical care should it be necessary.

BD Global Medical has the expertise and is able to advise on worldwide health insurance paying specific attention to regional and country differences and requirements. Ensuring you will always have access to the best available medical treatment where ever you are.

At BDGM we work with leading insurance providers from around the World. This allows us to provide our corporate clients a comprehensive range of products and services.

We offer group international private medical insurance, cover for specific jurisdictions, visa approved schemes, options to include family cover, short term contracts if required, dental insurance, group income protection group critical illness, and group life.

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