Team BDHL Indoor Row Challenge Report

As part of the three month Flower Pot Accumulator Challenge set by the children’s’ charity ellenor, which started in July 2016, BDHL decided to take on the 100,000 meter indoor rowing challenge.

Ellenor is a Kent based charity that currently cares for over 200 families who have a child with a terminal illness. Their mission is “To lead and coordinate the best personalised care for all ages, sharing our expertise to ensure that all families facing terminal illness get the right support in the best place possible, enabling them to make the most of the time they have”.

The row took place at BDHL’s Lamberhurst office on Wednesday 14th September 2016. The challenge started at 08.30am with Directors Guy Jones followed by Caroline Weiss-Jones on the rowing machine. A rota was agreed prior to the event for all the team members so that we could continue to circulate throughout the meters.

Most of the team were slightly apprehensive about having to row such a long distance, however after our first stint on the machine the meters started clocking up. By 10.10am we had reached our first 10,000 meters.

It was at this point that despite training, we still had a monumental task ahead. Bearing in mind the record for the 100,000 meters is around 6 hours… Team BDHL reached the half way point after about 7 hours of continuous rowing and therefore took the opportunity to stop for a quick photograph!

Team BDHL are delighted to announce that in total the row took us 17 hours to complete the 100,000 meters. For an office of 10 people it is an amazing achievement that all of the team were able to row a considerable distance to make up the 100,000 meters.

There were some stand out performances, for example our Sales representative James O’Neil rowed an individual total of 30,000 meters and Portfolio Manager Brett Clifton rowed one armed due to a shoulder injury.

Well done to the whole of Team BDHL and many thanks to everyone who has sponsored us. As it stands Team BDHL have raised a grand total of £1145.00.

Please continue to donate for ellenor, which is such a worthy cause, through the just giving page: