Make the right choice of International Private Medical Insurance

If you work abroad or are an expat, then it is likely that you are going to continue to travel the world whilst working abroad. It is important that your choice of provider for your international policy covers you for all the counties that you are working in or living.

The main reason for buying international medical insurance is to provide access to better quality care, than what is offered locally. Often when you are staying or living in a foreign country you are learning about the host country and settling into the new environment and therefore you do not need the stress of not having medical insurance in place before you travel.

Another advantage of international medical insurance is that there is no language barrier to overcome. If you are unwell, then you do not need to be struggling to communicate the problem to a local doctor. International insurance companies offer support in English or whichever language that you require. Insurance companies also have 24/7 help lines to ensure that when you need assistance, the cover is in place.

International PMI premiums are based on several different factors. Premium amounts can vary depending on your age, level of cover, where in the world you and living and travelling too and past or pending claims.

Cover can be create specifically tailored to suits your demands and needs. Ensuring that you plan fits in with your lifestyle. The international health insures tend to divide the world into two or three regions. Europe, worldwide excluding USA and Worldwide.

There are then options available to add in and create a more comprehensive policy made up of benefits. Alternatively, cost containment options that can leverage the premium you pay.

You also need to ensure that you fully understand the policy you take out – will you need to pay upfront for medical care and then get reimbursed? Is the policy visa approved? What pre-existing conditions are covered? What isn’t covered? What ‘extras’ are including on the policy?

Many people will use the internet to search for information regarding policies. However, this can be overwhelming. BD Global Medical specialises in international insurance cover for employee benefits and individuals. BD Global Medical was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to providing independent advice on precise global protection advice for when you need it most 0203 356 9782