Mental health scheme introduced at schools

The government are introducing a new scheme within schools to provide guidance and advice for children who are or might be struggling with their mental health.

Pupils that are vulnerable or showing signs of depression, anxiety, stress or self-harm will be able to receive specialist help at school. The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services already referred 19,000 young people in the past 12 months for mental health counselling.

Children are also influenced and bullied through social media which often means that bullying is not just at school it is taken home. Instagram has been rated the worst platform for children’s mental health, leaving children feeling inadequate and anxious about their appearance.

It is vital that young people are given the support when they need it to ensure that their mental health status does not impact on the rest of their lives. Greater awareness of the conditions can also help to prevent any long-term effects.

Schools need to teach coping mechanisms for dealing with workloads, exam pressure and stress so that going forward people can meet the requirements, weather at school or at work in the future and overcome them.

The introduction of this new scheme within schools should have a positive effect in the future on the working population. The UK Office for national statistics stated that over 11 million working days per year are lost to mental health with cause factors including workload, family relationships, management style and relationships at work.

There are many ways that you can enhance the atmosphere in the workplace such as encouraging all employees to take their lunch break and leave the office to go outside and have a change of environment.

By offering all employees access to an employee assisted programme, as part of an employee benefits package, it will encourage employees to speak out about their mental wellness and provide options, support and advice when needed.

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