Mental Health: The Thriving At Work Report

The ‘Thriving at Work Report has found that 300,000 people leave their job each year due to poor mental health at work. This is costing employers £42 billion. These statistics build a serious case for businesses to preserve and protect employee health and well being.
Employees that are physically, mentally and socially healthy will be able to provide a positive contribution to a company through self-motivation and engagement with their work. This in turn has a progressive impact on the company.
Experiences of mental health can be different for each individual however indicators such as depression anxiety and stress are all classified as mental health issues. These affect the way the sufferer thinks, feels and behaves.
Employers can help to improve the situation regarding mental health by starting to implement the following changes suggested in the Thriving at Work Report:-
  • Create a mental health at work plan
  • Provide information and support for employees about mental health awareness
  • Encourage open conversations
  • Create a positive working environment
  • Encourage employees to have a healthy work life balance
  • Train managers to recognise mental health symptoms and how to deal with different situations
  • Monitor employee mental health

A mental health and well being strategy at the work place can be implemented through an employee benefits programme. This will ensure that employees are cared for when they are most vulnerable. An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and help to control stress levels by providing guidance on a range of personal issues that affect employees.

BDHL specialises in employee health and well-being benefits  and  can provide a full market review that will source the right product for your company. We provide a report that highlights the most suitable options. We can use our expertise and experience in offering Employee Assistance Programmes to ensure that you get the most benefit from your investment, and your employees appreciate the effort. Once in place, we will help promote the programmes and their benefits to all your staff.

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