Why Monday is the Best Day of the Week

Often on a Sunday night there is sense of dread in the air with people suffering from the ‘Monday Morning Blues’ – a negative emotion associated with the beginning of the working week.

Alexander Kjerulf, international author and speaker on happiness at work stated that if you are suffering from the ‘Monday morning blues’ then often there is a problem at work. This can cause an impact on performance, productivity and affect the people around you.

Alternatively, if you are happy at work then you will feel excited and focused about Monday being the start of the working week.

To make Monday a success read the following advice:-

  • If you are struggling with a case of the ‘Mondays’ then the first action needed is to identify the problem and conquer it
  • Monday is the very first day of the week – it is the first opportunity to set your working week up to ensure success
  • Ensure you have enough sleep and relaxation over the weekend, as Monday is the first day after the weekend, it is the day that you should feel the most rested and focused on the tasks ahead
  • Write down a schedule of meetings and all the areas of work that you need plan for the week to ensure all is achieved – then tick off the tasks when complete. A daily routine can relieve stress and promote improved health and wellbeing.
  • To stay positive and happy write a list of all the exciting and interesting events that you have planned and are attending that week
  • Make Mondays fun – bring a ‘treat’ food into the office to share with colleagues over a coffee whilst you catch up on the weekend
  • Make Monday special by planning a meal out with friends or having your favourite food for dinner
  • Always ensure that on a Monday you dress for success – physiologically feeling like you look good in your favourite outfit will put you in a positive frame of mind
  • Find a way to exercise on a Monday to help clear the mind
  • Over the weekend ‘unplug’ – avoid checking work emails. On a Friday when you leave the office with that ‘Friday feeling’ ensure that all your office problems at the door and enjoy your deserved personal time.

At a time when one in four full time employees are suffering from mental health caused by work related stress, ensuring your Monday is as productive as possible is becoming an important aspect of working life.

HR managers need to be aware of each employees needs and ensure that Mondays are managed so that employees stay motivated, find a better work life balance and maximise the value of a total health and wellbeing employee benefits package.

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