World Cancer Day: Manage Cancer in the Workplace

There are currently over 100,000 within the working population of the UK diagnosed with cancer every year.. For many employees continuing to work whilst being treated for cancer can aid the recovery process and allow a certain level of normality into their lives.

Being able to continue to work, whilst being treated helps to maintain a patient’s routine; home and work life balance, income and interaction with work colleagues.  However not all cancer suffers feel able or physically able to continue working during treatment.

 1 in 2 people born after 1960 in the UK will be diagnosed with a form of cancer during their lifetime. With statistics increasing it is vitally important that employers are able to provide the necessary support required to  ensure that the employee is able to return to work as quickly as possible.

Cancer can change a person not just physically but also mentally. Companies need to understand the impacts of cancer for employees and work together to fight the disease. Each individual case will need to be managed to ensure that the needs of the employee are met both on a practical and personal level.

World Cancer Day is on the 4th February 2017. The aim of is to promote way in which people can be supported through cancer. Within the work place HR managers need to ensure that they are trained and have policies in place to enable them to deal with cancer prevention methods and education regarding cancer in the workplace.

As an employer or HR manager it is vital to understand and promote the importance of early diagnosis. Early detection will improve clinical outcome and faster access to treatment.

The NHS gives access to everyone with cancer the facility to be treated by a cancer specialist. They will provide the different treatment routes for your condition. However for some treatments the NHS does not supply all the medical options and therefore paying to go for private treatment can be a benefit.

If your family has a history of cancer and you consider yourself to possibly be high risk or if you wish to provide group medical insurance to include a cancer option to your staff as an employee benefit then information is on hand.

It is always important to receive the latest professional advice; here at BDHL we actively monitor the marketplace to guarantee our clients receive maximum health coverage for a minimum cost. We specialise in tailoring bespoke packages to meet demand as well as managing the daily succession of the policy.

A group critical illness policy will act as the go between employee and employer. The employee can be provided with the best treatment options available as well as employee assistance programmes which will provide help for a range of personal issues to help reduce stress and improve their quality of life and ultimately provide support in returning the employee to work.

A Critical illness policy is an affordable employee benefit, as well as being simply to set up. There is no health or pre-existing conditions to declare. Critical illness cover can also provide peace of mind to the employer that in the event of one of their employees is diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer that the business can help support them through a difficult time.

Even if you have a policy already in place, either corporate or private, then the BDHL team are happy to look over it and where necessary bring it in line with modern healthcare policies.

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